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Department of Psychiatry Continuing Professional Development Activities

The Dalhousie Department of Psychiatry Clinical Academic/University Rounds is a self-approved group learning activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Wednesday, 8:30-9:30 am
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Dec. 7, 2022Dr. Shiphra Ginsburg TBDUniversity Rounds
Dec. 14, 2022Drs. Lara Hazelton, Jason Morrison, and Kyle Godden You Should Read This!Clinical Academic Rounds
Jan. 4, 2023Dr. Kathleen Howell TBDClinical Academic Rounds
Jan. 11, 2023Drs. Jason Morrison and Alex Whynot Involuntary psychiatric treatment in the era of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with DisabilitiesClinical Academic Rounds
Jan. 18, 2023Dr. Jeanie Tse TBDUniversity Rounds
Jan. 25, 2023TBDClinical Academic Rounds
Feb. 1, 2023 Dr. Jennifer Cumming TBDChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Feb. 8, 2023Drs. Terry Chisholm and Grainne Neilson MAiDClinical Academic Rounds
Feb. 15, 2023TBDUniversity Rounds
Feb. 22, 2023Dr. Mark Bosma CBMEClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 1, 2023 Dr. Leslie Anne Campbell TBDChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Mar. 8, 2023Dr. Meagan MacNeil TBDClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 15, 2023TBD TBDUniversity Rounds
Mar. 22, 2023TBDClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 29, 2023Dr. Mahmoud Awara TBDClinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 5, 2023TBDUniversity Rounds
Apr. 12, 2023TBDClinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 19, 2023TBDClinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 26, 2023Dr. Emily Fraser TBDClinical Academic Rounds
May. 3, 2023TBDUniversity Rounds
May. 10, 2023Dr. Deborah Parker TBDClinical Academic Rounds
May. 17, 2023TBDClinical Academic Rounds
May. 24, 2023Dr. Allan Abbass TBDClinical Academic Rounds
May. 31, 2023TBDClinical Academic Rounds
Jun. 7, 2023TBDUniversity Rounds
Jun. 14, 2023TBDClinical Academic Rounds
Jun. 21, 2023TBDClinical Academic Rounds

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Presentation materials are not to be captured or recorded by attendees.

Presenters may choose whether the wish to be recorded or not. Recordings will be available to Department of Psychiatry faculty members only on the department’s internal faculty database. Recordings will be availble until the new rounds schedule begins, each September. Note to DOP Faculty: Viewing the recorded Rounds session does not qualify you for Section 1 MOC credit.


Presentation slides will be linked to the archived session below when the presenter permits.

Nov. 30, 2022Dr. Jeff Kirby Ethical Dimensions of MAiD and Mental IllnessClinical Academic Rounds
Nov. 23, 2022Dr. Amy Gough Optimal Aging for Physicians in Nova Scotia: A Positive Psychiatry Pilot Study to Promote Wellbeing in Older AdultsClinical Academic Rounds
Nov. 16, 2022Dr. Michael Sheeringa Can You Assess and Treat PTSD in Children 6 Years and Younger?University Rounds
Nov. 9, 2022Jac Atkinson and Becky Marval Approaching Social Determinants of Health in PracticeClinical Academic Rounds
Nov. 2, 2022 Dr. Lauren Chan; " Did that just happen?": A review of patient mistreatment towards psychiatry residentsChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Oct. 26, 2022Drs. David Gardner and Andrea Murphy Transforming Insomnia CareClinical Academic Rounds
Oct. 19, 2022Dr. Evan Wood Increasing Evidence-Based Practices in Substance Use Disorder CareUniversity Rounds
Oct. 12, 2022Drs. Mutiat Sulyman, Cinera States, and Lara Hazelton EDIA at Dal Psychiatry: Where are we now and what is next?Clinical Academic Rounds
Oct. 5, 2022 Dr. Joseph Sadek How to Practice Self-CompassionChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Sep. 28, 2022Drs. Sabina Abidi and Alexa Bagnell Data Informed Continuous Improvement for Psychiatric ServiceClinical Academic Rounds
Sep. 21, 2022Dr. Lisa Andermann EDIIA in psychiatric clinical care: Concepts from cultural psychiatryUniversity Rounds
Sep. 14, 2022Dr. Abraham Rudnick Facilitating Recovery of People with Mental Health Challenges: A Values-Based (CanMEDS) ApproachClinical Academic Rounds
Jun. 22, 2022Department of Psychiatry End of the Year CelebrationClinical Academic Rounds
Jun. 15, 2022Cody Sherren Medical Psychiatry JeopardyClinical Academic Rounds
Jun. 8, 2022(R.O. Jones Memorial Lecture) Dr. Eliot Sorel Health Equity and TOTAL Health for All: Translating Scientific Evidence into Global Health PolicyUniversity Rounds
Jun. 1, 2022 Drs. Suzanne Zinck and Celia Robichaud Gender Identity and Autism: Common Presentations and Guidelines for Assessment and TreatmentChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
May. 25, 2022Drs. Michelle MacDonald and Shiloh Ricciotti Medical Clearance in the EDClinical Academic Rounds
May. 18, 2022Dallas Seitz Ecotherapy: Nature-Based Activities as Mental Health TreatmentsUniversity Rounds
May. 11, 2022Emmanuel Aquino (Psychiatrist), Tara Harnish, (RT), Jessica Wallace (RT), Sonia Popat (OT), Stacey Burgess (LPN), Chris Reid (OTA) TRANSITION FROM HOSPITAL TO COMMUNITY, A Journey to RecoveryClinical Academic Rounds
May. 4, 2022 Dr. Normand Carrey Child and Adolescent Consultation, Processes and ModelsChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Apr. 27, 2022Dr. Marissa LeBlanc and Nicole Snow Consulting medical genetics in a psychiatric presentationClinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 20, 2022Dr. Francis Lu DSM-5 Text Revision Outline for Cultural Formulation and the Cultural Formulation Interview: Tools for Culturally Competent Care.University Rounds
Apr. 13, 2022(Medical Humanities) David Granirer Stand Up For Mental Health: Humour and Comedy Really Are Good For Mental Health!Clinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 6, 2022 Drs. Sharon Clark, Duncan Law, Debbie Emberly, Sabina Abidi, Celia Robichaud and Ms Nicole Works Working With Goals - Using Principles of Shared Decision Making to Improve Patient-Centred CareChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Mar. 30, 2022Dr. Rudolf Uher First Episode DepressionClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 23, 2022Mr. Alex Myrick From County Homes to the Victoria General Hospital and Beyond: Psychiatric Normalization and the Connections between Adolf Meyer and Robert O. Jones, 1900-1970.Clinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 9, 2022Dr. Vincent Agyapong Supportive Text Message Interventions in Mental HealthClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 2, 2022 Drs. Lukas Propper and Ann Marie Joyce Autism Specific Care and BIOSChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Feb. 23, 2022Dr. Dave Lovas Adolescent Treatment Resistant Depression - Is There a Case for Ketamine?Clinical Academic Rounds
Feb. 16, 2022Dr. Suzette Bremault-Phillips and Dr. Eric Vermetten; Walk and Talk – 3MDR for PTSDUniversity Rounds
Feb. 9, 2022Drs. L. Geldenhuys, Des Lieddin, and Emma MacDermott The Causes and Health Effects of the Climate Emergency, and the Role of the PhysicianClinical Academic Rounds
Feb. 2, 2022Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Learnings from Virtual Care during COVID-19 (Drs. Normand Carrey, Jill Chorney, and Leslie Anne Campbell)Clinical Academic Rounds
Jan. 26, 2022Drs. Holly Greer, Angela Wang, Lauren Chan, and Kate Stymist Resident medical education projectsClinical Academic Rounds
Jan. 19, 2022Dr. Erica Frank Physician WellnessUniversity Rounds
Jan. 12, 2022Dr. JianLi Wang Risk predictive analytics for better clinical practice and population mental healthClinical Academic Rounds
Jan. 5, 2022Dr. Joe Sadek PsychopharmacologyClinical Academic Rounds
Dec. 15, 2021You should read this! 2021Clinical Academic Rounds
Dec. 8, 2021Dr. Yvonne Steinert, McGill Teaching as LeadershipUniversity Rounds
Dec. 1, 2021 Ms. Laura Callaghan Care for Newcomers to Nova ScotiaChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Nov. 24, 2021Joint Geriatric Psychiatry & Geriatric Medicine; Dr. Christelle Boudreau Aducanumab: Blockbuster or Bust?Clinical Academic Rounds
Nov. 17, 2021Dr Ron Postuma, McGill REM Sleep Behavior: From Dreams to NeurodegenerationUniversity Rounds
Nov. 10, 2021Dr. Allan Abbass Treatment non response in psychiatric disorders: consider unresolved attachment trauma.Clinical Academic Rounds
Nov. 3, 2021 Drs. Nadine Halawa and Sarah Fancy A case of successful rechallenge in a patient with a history of clozapine-induced myocarditisChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Oct. 27, 2021Drs. Cindy Calkin, Roy Chengappa and Jessica Gannon Treating insulin Resistance to Improve Outcome in Bipolar Disorder: Results of the TRIO-BD studyClinical Academic Rounds
Oct. 20, 2021Dr. Javeed Sukhera, UWO Bias in the Mirror: Breaking Bias without Breaking OurselvesUniversity Rounds
Oct. 6, 2021 Dr. Sandra Meier Fancy epidemiological designs - so what?Child And Adolescent Psychiatry
Sep. 29, 2021Drs. Courtney Handford, Yvonne Libbus, Zenovia Ursuliak Strengthening the Dalhousie Psychiatry Strategic Plan through WellnessClinical Academic Rounds
Sep. 22, 2021Dr. David Gratzer, University of Toronto Digital Mental Health After COVID-19University Rounds
Sep. 15, 2021Drs. Awara & M. Havenga Epilepsy as a Disorder at the Interface of Neurology and PsychiatryClinical Academic Rounds
Sep. 8, 2021 Dr. Addo Boafo, Assistant Professor CHEO The Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient: sleep, suicidality, and recent research findingsChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Jun. 16, 2021Dr. Tyson Rizzardo, Psychiatry PGY-5, Dalhousie University; Dr. Anthony Pianosi, Psychiatry PGY-5, Dalhousie University Medical Psychiatry JeopardyClinical Academic Rounds
Jun. 9, 2021 Dr. Ali Manning , C& A Psychiatry PGY-6, Dalhousie University Coaching Teaching: supporting residents to teach in competency by designChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Jun. 2, 2021(R.O. Jones Memorial Lecture) Dr. Margaret Steele, Professor, Dean of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland The Evolving Face of Leadership: How will we be prepared for the current and emerging leadership challenges?University Rounds
May. 26, 2021Dr. Martin Alda, Professor and Killam Chair in Mood Disorders, Department of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University Thinking Rationally about the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder (Colvin Prize lecture)Clinical Academic Rounds
May. 19, 2021(MedEd) Dr. Chris Watling, PGME Associate Dean, Western University Making Professional Culture Visible in Medical EducationUniversity Rounds
May. 12, 2021Dr. G. Neilson, Assistant Professor, DoP, Dal, Dr. T. Chisholm, Associate Professor, DoP, Dal, Dr. S. Kutcher, Professor, DoP, Dal, Dr. G. Gubitz, DoM, Dal MAiD Panel Discussion Part 1Clinical Academic Rounds
May. 5, 2021 Dr. Vhari James, C& A Psychiatry PGY-6, Dalhousie University Capgras, Catatonia and Cerebral Palsy: A Complex Case ReportChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Apr. 28, 2021Dr. Edith Baxter, Department of Family Medicine, Director of Evidence-Based Medicine, Continuing Professional Development, Dalhousie University Antidepressants for Mild to Moderate Depression and Anxiety: A Primary Care PerspectiveClinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 21, 2021Dr. Peggy Richter, Associate Scientist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center OCD Basics to Beyond: New Treatment Alternative for Severe IllnessUniversity Rounds
Apr. 14, 2021 Dr. Katie Radchuck, C& A Psychiatry PGY-6, Dalhousie University Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders and the PandemicChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Apr. 7, 2021(Medical Humanities) Dr. Susan Lamb, Jason A. Hannah Chair, History of Medicine, Department of Innovation in Medical Education Adolf Meyer, the Origins of Clinical Psychiatry, and NeuroplasticityClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 31, 2021(MedEd) Dr. Sarah Burm, Assistant Professor, Division of Medical Education, Dalhousie University Rethinking Health Advocacy in Medical Education: Reflections from Patients, Physicians, and TraineesClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 24, 2021Dr. Josh Green, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University, Julie Garnham RNBN, Research Manager, Psychiatry Research, Mood Disorders Group Medication Treatment Practices in the Maintenance Phase of Adults with Bipolar Disorder: Clinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 17, 2021(MedEd) (University Rounds) Dr. Glen Bandiera, Professor & Associate Dean, PGME, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Dr. Kaif Pardhan, Lecturer & Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Toronto, Dr. John Teshima, AssociUniversity Rounds
Mar. 10, 2021Dr. Ali Manning , C& A Psychiatry PGY-6, Dalhousie University; Dr. Amy Gough, Psychiatry PGY-4, Dalhousie University Psychiatry Challenge: academic quiz roundsClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 3, 2021 Normand Carrey MD, IWK 0-5 Infant Mental Health Clinic; Brave New World: Relationship-based Developmental Therapies Focus on Neurorelational FrameworkChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Feb. 24, 2021Dr. Katie Lines, Psychiatry PGY-3, and Dr. Jillian Cottreau,PGY-4, Dalhousie University QTc in PsychiatryClinical Academic Rounds
Feb. 17, 2021Dr. Henry G. Kennedy, Clinical Professor of Forensic Psychiatry, Trinity College Dublin Models of Care in Forensic PsychiatryUniversity Rounds
Feb. 10, 2021Dr. Greg MacMullin, Psychiatry PGY-5, Dalhousie University A systematic review of the impact of alcohol on early phase psychosisClinical Academic Rounds
Feb. 3, 2021 Dr. Sabina Abidi, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University; Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? : physician distress and ClozapineChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Jan. 27, 2021Dr. Michael Ungar, Professor, School of Social Work; Dalhousie University Diagnosing Resilience: A Multisystemic Model for Positive Development in Stressed EnvironmentsClinical Academic Rounds
Jan. 20, 2021Dr. Cheryl Forchuk, RN PhD Ont FCAHS, Beryl and Richard Ivey Research Chair in Aging, Mental Health, Rehabilitation and Recovery Smart Technologies in Mental HealthUniversity Rounds
Jan. 13, 2021Dr. Marissa LeBlanc, Psychiatry PGY-4, Dalhousie University; Alyson Zwicker, Medical Student, Dalhousie University Genetic counselling for the prevention of mental health consequences of cannabis use.Clinical Academic Rounds
Jan. 6, 2021 Dr. Sandra Meier, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University Predicting Internalizing Symptoms form Smartphone Data during times of COVID-19Child And Adolescent Psychiatry
Dec. 16, 2020Dr. Lara Hazelton, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University; Dr. Jason Morrison, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University; Dr. Amy Gough, Psychiatry PGY-4, Dalhousie University You should read this!Clinical Academic Rounds
Dec. 9, 2020Dr. Lee Wachtel, Associate Professor, Department of Psychaitry, John Hopkins Medical Center, Medical Director, Neurobehavioral Unit, Kennedy Krieger Institute ECT in Child Psychiatry, including Autism Spectrum DisordersUniversity Rounds
Dec. 2, 2020 Dr. Tanya Tulipan, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University Psychiatric Medications in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: an UpdateChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Nov. 25, 2020(Joint Geriatric Psychiatry & Geriatric Medicine Rounds) Dr. Meagan MacNeil, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University, Dr. Cheryl Murphy, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University StigmaClinical Academic Rounds
Nov. 18, 2020Dr. Argyris Stringaris, Professor of Clincal Psychology, Georgetown University What is mood and what to do with itUniversity Rounds
Nov. 4, 2020(MedEd) Dr. Lara Hazelton, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University Power Lines: How to effectively communicate up, down, and across hierarchies in medicineClinical Academic Rounds
Oct. 28, 2020Dr. Jacqueline Cohen, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, Dalhousie University, Dr. Deborah Parker, Assistant Professor, Department of Psydahitry, Dalhousie University Finding the right dose: A stepped care approach to the treClinical Academic Rounds
Oct. 14, 2020Dr. Ashok Malla, Adjunct Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Bipstatistics, McGill University Early Intervention in Psychosis: How can we make it count?University Rounds
Oct. 7, 2020Dr. Sharon Clark, Psychologist, Advanced Practice Leader: CAPA, Joe Williams, Transition Support Worker, AIS, Jason Finney, Transition Support Worker, AIS, Peter Turnbull, Transition Support Worker, AIS, Natasha Wright Deveau, Occupational Therapist, AISClinical Academic Rounds
Sep. 30, 2020Dr. Joseph Sadek, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University Poor Response to Pharmacological Treatment: Interesting casesClinical Academic Rounds
Sep. 23, 2020Dr. Andrea Iaboni, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto The Isolation Care of People with Dementia in the Context of COVIDUniversity Rounds
Sep. 16, 2020Dr. Ian Weaver, Associae Professor, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience Establishing an intersection between metabolic-driven epigenetic control of gene expression with genetic and environmental influences on behaviour developmentClinical Academic Rounds
Sep. 9, 2020 Dr. David Lovas, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University Scholar Strike Teach-In: Racial Injustice in Mental Health in CanadaChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Jun. 17, 2020(MedEd) Bosma, Mark & Murphy, Cheryl; ' Call Me....Maybe: Best Practices in On-Call Supervision & Teaching for Psychiatry Learners'Clinical Academic Rounds
Jun. 10, 2020McClelland, Christie Boudreau, Christelle - Medical Psychiatry JeopardyClinical Academic Rounds
Jun. 3, 2020Depaulo, Jr., J Raymond - R.O. Jones Memorial Lecture; ' Bipolar Disorder & Observations of our Discipline by a Clinician & Teacher'University Rounds
May. 27, 2020Murphy, Cheryl; Hazelton, Lara; Bosma, Mark MedEd ModificationsClinical Academic Rounds
May. 20, 2020Reimers, Karen - Substance Abuse in Older AdultsUniversity Rounds
May. 13, 2020Fancy, Sarah; & LeBlanc, Marissa - C & A Psychiatry; ' Psychiatric Presentations of Neurological Disorders'Clinical Academic Rounds
May. 6, 2020Meier, Sandra; Child & Adolescent Psychiatry ' The potential of mobile sensing technologies during pandemics'Clinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 29, 2020Barker, Jim, Rowe School of Business, Dal; ' Patient Safety in Community Pharmacy Research'Clinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 22, 2020Johnston, Lynn; Davis, Ian; ONLINE ONLY ' MHA & DoP Responses to COVID-19 NSHA & IWK #3: Infection Control'Clinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 15, 2020ZOOM ONLY_Cusin, Cristina, Massachusetts General Hospital; ' Ketamine from research to clinical practice: promises and pitfalls'University Rounds
Apr. 9, 2020ZOOM for Rounds begins Apr 22: Attend a Practice Session on April 9, 16, 17 or 20Clinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 8, 2020ONLINE ONLY--Abidi, Sabina, Chorney, Jill; ' MHA & DoP Responses to COVID-19 NSHA & IWK #2: Virtual Care' (preview videos / ends 9:45 am)Clinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 1, 2020ONLINE ONLY--Dr. Morrison & DOP Exec. Members; ' MHA & DoP Responses to COVID-19 NSHA & IWK'Clinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 25, 2020Zinck, Suzanne, DOP, Dal; ' Working with trans* and gender non-binary people with co-morbid major depression or anxiety disorders: understanding the unique issues'Clinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 11, 2020Bosma, Mark - (MedEd) Competency by Design IIClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 4, 2020Robichaud, Celia - Child & Adolescent Psychiatry; ' Transitions of Care in Autism: A Qualitative Exploration of Clinician Perspectives'Clinical Academic Rounds
Feb. 26, 2020Kinley, Jackie; ' TRAUMA Hindsight is 20/ 20: emerging evidence to support a trans-theoretical approach to complex trauma'Clinical Academic Rounds
Feb. 19, 2020University Rounds - McKenzie, Kwame, UofT; ' Mental Health of Canada' s African and Caribbean origin populations: what we know and what we can do to improve it'University Rounds
Feb. 5, 2020Carrey, Normand - Child & Adolescent Psychiatry; ' T. Berry Brazelton' s Legacy to Infant Mental Health'Clinical Academic Rounds
Jan. 29, 2020Drs. Chisholm, Cassidy, Yashchuk (PGY-6), Singh (PGY-6); " The Art and Science of Well-being: Surviving and Thriving in Medicine"Clinical Academic Rounds
Jan. 22, 2020University Rounds - Lofchy, Jodi, UofT; ' The Management of Agitation: Emergency and Beyond...'University Rounds
Jan. 15, 2020Rajda, Margaret; Esliger, Mandy - (MedEd) Clinical Academic Rounds; ' Using interactive, case-based eLearning modules in medical education'Clinical Academic Rounds