Psychiatry Rounds

Department of Psychiatry Continuing Professional Development Activities

The Dalhousie Department of Psychiatry Clinical Academic/University Rounds is a self-approved group learning activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Wednesday, 8:30-9:30 am
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Feb. 28, 2024Dr. Zenovia Ursuliak Nutrients and Botanicals in Psychiatric DisordersClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 6, 2024Dr. Sandra Meier The good and bad news about the social media usage of youth.Clinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 13, 2024Dr. Andrew Harris Action for Health plan and the MHA Universal Mental Health strategyClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 20, 2024Drs. Olugbenga Williams and Lauren Haslam Challenges of diagnosing dementia in those with neurocognitive disordersClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 27, 2024TBD TBDClinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 3, 2024Dr. Normand Carrey TBDClinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 10, 2024Drs. Margaret Rajda and Susan Jerrott TBDClinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 17, 2024Dr. Andrea Iaboni TBDUniversity Rounds
Apr. 24, 2024Drs. Keri-Leigh Cassidy and Mutiat Sulyman; EDI/Social AdvocacyClinical Academic Rounds
May. 1, 2024TBD TBDClinical Academic Rounds
May. 8, 2024Dr. Mackenzie Armstrong TBDClinical Academic Rounds
May. 15, 2024Dr. Mark Schechter Psychotherapy with Suicidal Patients: An Integrative Psychodynamic ApproachUniversity Rounds
May. 22, 2024Dr. Aaron Keshen and Jessica Wournell TBDClinical Academic Rounds
May. 29, 2024RO Jones Memorial Lecture TBDClinical Academic Rounds
Jun. 5, 2024TBD TBDClinical Academic Rounds
Jun. 12, 2024Dr. Natasa ZatezaloClinical Academic Rounds
Jun. 19, 2024Drs. Eileen Burns and Petra Rafuse Psychiatry Jeopardy!Clinical Academic Rounds

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Presentation materials are not to be captured or recorded by attendees.

Presenters may choose whether the wish to be recorded or not. Recordings will be available to Department of Psychiatry faculty members only on the department’s internal faculty database. Recordings will be availble until the new rounds schedule begins, each September. Note to DOP Faculty: Viewing the recorded Rounds session does not qualify you for Section 1 MOC credit.


Presentation slides will be linked to the archived session below when the presenter permits.

Feb. 21, 2024Dr. Diane Leblanc Work Conflict and CollegialityUniversity Rounds
Feb. 14, 2024Dr. George Robertson Preserving and enhancing mitochondrial function to protect and repair the neurovascular unit: Novel opportunities for nanoparticle-based drug deliveryClinical Academic Rounds
Feb. 7, 2024Drs. Courtney Handford and Kate Stymiest Medical Education in Child And Adolescent Emergency Psychiatry: A ReviewClinical Academic Rounds
Jan. 31, 2024Dr. Deborah Norris, Dani Alarie & Dr. Abraham Rudnick Family psychoeducation for military Veterans: A qualitative studyClinical Academic Rounds
Jan. 17, 2024Dr. Alexander McGirr Neurostimulation induces synaptic plasticity: if we believe that this is the therapeutic mechanism it can be leveraged.University Rounds
Jan. 10, 2024Dr. Rudolf Uher Treating Major Depressive Disorder: CANMAT 2024 GuidelineClinical Academic Rounds
Jan. 3, 2024Drs. Katie Lines and Pam Arenella Substance Use Disorders Review for PsychiatristsClinical Academic Rounds
Dec. 20, 2023Drs. Madeline Ferracuti, Nadine Najati, Lara Hazelton, and Jason Morrison You Should Read This!Clinical Academic Rounds
Dec. 13, 2023Dr. Bernadette Grosjean And if it was Autism? Adult Autism without Intellectual Disability: Key FactsUniversity Rounds
Dec. 6, 2023Drs. Laura Downing, Greg MacMullin, & Matt McAdam; When ' Full of it'- Assessment and Management of Clozapine Induced Gastrointestinal HypomotilityClinical Academic Rounds
Nov. 29, 2023Dr Kara Dempster Treatment Resistance in Early Psychosis Patients: How to Recognize it and an Approach to ManagementClinical Academic Rounds
Nov. 22, 2023Dr Matt McAdam and Dr Shaheem Abid Two Dalhousie antipsychotic studies: Local perceptions and international dosing consensusClinical Academic Rounds
Nov. 15, 2023Dr. Maggie Hahn Metabolic comorbidity in severe mental illness: treating the brain and minding the bodyUniversity Rounds
Nov. 8, 2023Dr. Abraham Nunes Personalizing Management of Difficult-to-Treat DepressionClinical Academic Rounds
Nov. 1, 2023Drs. Jennifer Cumming and Normand Carrey The First 1000 days- A comparison of Edinburgh and Halifax Early Years Mental Health Intervention StrategiesClinical Academic Rounds
Oct. 25, 2023Dr. Steve Kisely Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy in Australia: A Complex Journey of Regulation and Uncertainty with Lessons for CanadaClinical Academic Rounds
Oct. 18, 2023Drs. Pier Bryden and Tingting Yan Reciprocal Mentorship: Its Potential in Psychiatric EducationUniversity Rounds
Oct. 11, 2023Maria Nemer Emergency Preparedness EducationClinical Academic Rounds
Oct. 4, 2023Matias Gay The Narrative-Crisis Model: An Empirical Framework for the Assessment of SuicidalityClinical Academic Rounds
Sep. 27, 2023Dr. Emmanuel Aquino, Sonia Popat, Tara Harnish, Cathy Thompson, and Blair Kasouf Psychiatric Diagnosis on Trial!Clinical Academic Rounds
Sep. 20, 2023Dr. Daniel Gorman Tourette Syndrome and the Challenge of Treating Co-morbid Tics and ADHDUniversity Rounds
Sep. 13, 2023Dr. Aditya Nidumolu Scams: a primer for mental health cliniciansClinical Academic Rounds
Jun. 14, 2023Drs. Alison Toron, Mackenzie Armstrong, and LeAnne Revell Psychiatric JeopardyClinical Academic Rounds
May. 31, 2023RO Jones Memorial Lecture - Dr. Mary Cannon Hearing the voice: what do we know about psychotic experiences in young people?University Rounds
May. 24, 2023Dr. Allan Abbass; Issues in service delivery for complex/refractory patient groups: a commentary after 25 years of running a treatment refractory serviceClinical Academic Rounds
May. 17, 2023Dr. Ross Baldessarini Pharmacological Treatment of Bipolar DisorderUniversity Rounds
May. 3, 2023Dr. Sandra Meier The good, the bad, and the ugly- how biases can influence mental health?Clinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 26, 2023Dr. Emily Fraser The Portrayal of Psychosis in Entertainment Media: A Scoping review of its Impact on ViewersClinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 19, 2023Drs. Mark Rapaport and Gary Naglie Life Doesnt Stop: Using the Driving and Dementia Roadmap (DDR) to Support Driving CessationUniversity Rounds
Apr. 12, 2023Dr. Phil Tibbo, Haley Bernusky, and Isaiah Burton Cannabis and Psychosis: What we know and what we are working onClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 29, 2023Dr. Mahmoud Awara Clinical effectiveness of psychiatric rehabilitation services and the impact of this on post-rehab service utilizationClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 22, 2023Drs. Kathleen Howell, Ashley Crane, and Alexis Goth Advancements in Integrative Psychiatry- Centering Experience with Psychedelic MedicinesClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 15, 2023Dr. Lisa Barrett Three Lessons About EmotionUniversity Rounds
Mar. 8, 2023Dr. Meagan MacNeil Challenging Cases in Geriatric PsychiatryClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 1, 2023 Dr. Leslie Anne Campbell Understanding Client Needs in Child and Adolescent Community Mental Health and Addictions Services: Insights from Acuity at Presentation?Child And Adolescent Psychiatry
Feb. 22, 2023Dr. Mark Bosma Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME): Triumph or Tragedy?Clinical Academic Rounds
Feb. 15, 2023Dr. Jillian Horton From Burnout to... What? Critical Frameworks for Understanding - and tackling - Our Burnout CrisisUniversity Rounds
Feb. 8, 2023Drs. Terry Chisholm, Grainne Neilson, Gord Gubitz, Selene Etches, Jason Morrison, Marika Warren, and David Martel Clinical Aspects of MAiD where a Mental Disorder is the Sole Underlying Medical Condition.Clinical Academic Rounds
Feb. 1, 2023 Dr. Jennifer Cumming A Case of MisdiagnosesChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Jan. 25, 2023Dr. Tomas Hajek Obesity in serious mental illness: brain, cognitive and psychiatric outcomesClinical Academic Rounds
Jan. 18, 2023Dr. Jeanie Tse and Craig Bayer Community as the Missing Piece in Integrated Care: Lessons from Clubhouse and Assertive Community TreatmentUniversity Rounds
Jan. 11, 2023Drs. Jason Morrison and Alex Whynot Involuntary psychiatric treatment in the era of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with DisabilitiesClinical Academic Rounds
Dec. 14, 2022Drs. Lara Hazelton, Jason Morrison, and Kyle Godden You Should Read This!Clinical Academic Rounds
Dec. 7, 2022Dr. Shiphra Ginsburg How can we best use written comments for assessment and feedback in medical education?University Rounds
Nov. 30, 2022Dr. Jeff Kirby Ethical Dimensions of MAiD and Mental IllnessClinical Academic Rounds
Nov. 23, 2022Dr. Amy Gough Optimal Aging for Physicians in Nova Scotia: A Positive Psychiatry Pilot Study to Promote Wellbeing in Older AdultsClinical Academic Rounds
Nov. 16, 2022Dr. Michael Sheeringa Can You Assess and Treat PTSD in Children 6 Years and Younger?University Rounds
Nov. 9, 2022Jac Atkinson and Becky Marval Approaching Social Determinants of Health in PracticeClinical Academic Rounds
Nov. 2, 2022 Dr. Lauren Chan; " Did that just happen?": A review of patient mistreatment towards psychiatry residentsChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Oct. 26, 2022Drs. David Gardner and Andrea Murphy Transforming Insomnia CareClinical Academic Rounds
Oct. 19, 2022Dr. Evan Wood Increasing Evidence-Based Practices in Substance Use Disorder CareUniversity Rounds
Oct. 12, 2022Drs. Mutiat Sulyman, Cinera States, and Lara Hazelton EDIA at Dal Psychiatry: Where are we now and what is next?Clinical Academic Rounds
Oct. 5, 2022 Dr. Joseph Sadek How to Practice Self-CompassionChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Sep. 28, 2022Drs. Sabina Abidi and Alexa Bagnell Data Informed Continuous Improvement for Psychiatric ServiceClinical Academic Rounds
Sep. 21, 2022Dr. Lisa Andermann EDIIA in psychiatric clinical care: Concepts from cultural psychiatryUniversity Rounds
Sep. 14, 2022Dr. Abraham Rudnick Facilitating Recovery of People with Mental Health Challenges: A Values-Based (CanMEDS) ApproachClinical Academic Rounds
Jun. 22, 2022Department of Psychiatry End of the Year CelebrationClinical Academic Rounds
Jun. 15, 2022Cody Sherren Medical Psychiatry JeopardyClinical Academic Rounds
Jun. 8, 2022(R.O. Jones Memorial Lecture) Dr. Eliot Sorel Health Equity and TOTAL Health for All: Translating Scientific Evidence into Global Health PolicyUniversity Rounds
Jun. 1, 2022 Drs. Suzanne Zinck and Celia Robichaud Gender Identity and Autism: Common Presentations and Guidelines for Assessment and TreatmentChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
May. 25, 2022Drs. Michelle MacDonald and Shiloh Ricciotti Medical Clearance in the EDClinical Academic Rounds
May. 18, 2022Dallas Seitz Ecotherapy: Nature-Based Activities as Mental Health TreatmentsUniversity Rounds
May. 11, 2022Emmanuel Aquino (Psychiatrist), Tara Harnish, (RT), Jessica Wallace (RT), Sonia Popat (OT), Stacey Burgess (LPN), Chris Reid (OTA) TRANSITION FROM HOSPITAL TO COMMUNITY, A Journey to RecoveryClinical Academic Rounds
May. 4, 2022 Dr. Normand Carrey Child and Adolescent Consultation, Processes and ModelsChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Apr. 27, 2022Dr. Marissa LeBlanc and Nicole Snow Consulting medical genetics in a psychiatric presentationClinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 20, 2022Dr. Francis Lu DSM-5 Text Revision Outline for Cultural Formulation and the Cultural Formulation Interview: Tools for Culturally Competent Care.University Rounds
Apr. 13, 2022(Medical Humanities) David Granirer Stand Up For Mental Health: Humour and Comedy Really Are Good For Mental Health!Clinical Academic Rounds
Apr. 6, 2022 Drs. Sharon Clark, Duncan Law, Debbie Emberly, Sabina Abidi, Celia Robichaud and Ms Nicole Works Working With Goals - Using Principles of Shared Decision Making to Improve Patient-Centred CareChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Mar. 30, 2022Dr. Rudolf Uher First Episode DepressionClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 23, 2022Mr. Alex Myrick From County Homes to the Victoria General Hospital and Beyond: Psychiatric Normalization and the Connections between Adolf Meyer and Robert O. Jones, 1900-1970.Clinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 9, 2022Dr. Vincent Agyapong Supportive Text Message Interventions in Mental HealthClinical Academic Rounds
Mar. 2, 2022 Drs. Lukas Propper and Ann Marie Joyce Autism Specific Care and BIOSChild And Adolescent Psychiatry
Feb. 23, 2022Dr. Dave Lovas Adolescent Treatment Resistant Depression - Is There a Case for Ketamine?Clinical Academic Rounds
Feb. 16, 2022Dr. Suzette Bremault-Phillips and Dr. Eric Vermetten; Walk and Talk – 3MDR for PTSDUniversity Rounds
Feb. 9, 2022Drs. L. Geldenhuys, Des Lieddin, and Emma MacDermott The Causes and Health Effects of the Climate Emergency, and the Role of the PhysicianClinical Academic Rounds
Feb. 2, 2022Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Learnings from Virtual Care during COVID-19 (Drs. Normand Carrey, Jill Chorney, and Leslie Anne Campbell)Clinical Academic Rounds
Jan. 26, 2022Drs. Holly Greer, Angela Wang, Lauren Chan, and Kate Stymist Resident medical education projectsClinical Academic Rounds
Jan. 19, 2022Dr. Erica Frank Physician WellnessUniversity Rounds
Jan. 12, 2022Dr. JianLi Wang Risk predictive analytics for better clinical practice and population mental healthClinical Academic Rounds
Jan. 5, 2022Dr. Joe Sadek PsychopharmacologyClinical Academic Rounds